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Information Technology

Safety Net

Your computer has been disconnected from the campus network and placed in the IT Safety Net. This is a holding area designed to protect the network from computers that are infected, compromised, or violate University policies.

You can only access University email, SPIRE, and the IT Web site until you resolve the problem that caused the loss of your network connection.

Log in to our Help Request System to find out why your computer was placed in the Safety Net, and learn how to reconnect to the campus network.

Possible reasons why you have reached this page include:

  • Virus infections. Your computer is infected with a virus or other malicious software.
  • Compromised systems. The security of your operating system has been compromised by an external party.
  • Copyright violations. A computer registered in your name was allegedly distributing copyrighted materials on the University network.
  • Interfering wireless access points. Your computer may be connected to an unofficial wireless network. Because unofficial networks interfere with the campus network, and pose a security risk, it is key that you only connect to the University wireless network when using wireless on campus. In most cases, your computer's network connection will be restored once you use a UMASS SSID. Learn more about the wireless network.
  • Unauthorized wireless device. Your computer is using an unauthorized network device that interferes with the University wireless network.