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Information Technology

Print from Your Computer to the Learning Commons or Computer Classrooms (Remote Printing)

The UMass Amherst community can print documents from anywhere on campus to the black-and-white or color printers in the Learning Commons or Computer Classrooms. Setup is easy. Simply download the remote printing software and print as you usually would using the Pay-for-Print system in the IT Computer Classrooms. Remote printing is most useful to laptop users.

Download & Install the Remote Printing Software

Service Note: Before you start to install the desired printer driver package on your computer, we strongly recommend that you take the time to make sure your computer's software and operating system are updated to avoid unexpected issues while printing. This software cannot be downloaded from off-campus.

Note for all remote printing users: If you last installed remote printing software before August 1, 2017, please uninstall the Pharos remote printing software from your computer before installing the latest version, below. The new version of remote printing software will not work unless the prior version has been uninstalled. 

To set up your computer to print to the Learning Commons or Computer Classrooms, download the installer for the remote printing software to your computer by selecting your operating system below. Run the installer and follow the prompts to install the software.

Windows 7 - 10 (exe, 2.3 MB)
This printer package can be installed on computers with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. To install the latest version, you must be logged in as a LOCAL ADMINISTRATOR (or use the RUN AS.. command).

Macintosh 10.9 and newer (dmg, 5.3 MB)
After you've downloaded the software, save the file to your computer and follow the instructions to install the software. Once you start to print your first document, it will ask you to install the printer driver onto your Mac. Once the printer driver is installed successfully, the document will then proceed with the printing process.


  • Uninstall prior IT Pharos printers from your system. 
  • The installation of the printer driver is a “One Time” process.
  • Depending upon which browser you are using and your security settings, you may receive a security warning.

Send Your Print Job to the Learning Commons or Computer Classrooms

Once you have installed the remote printing software, you can open a file as usual, then send it to the Learning Commons or Computer Classrooms for printing.

  1. In most applications, go to File > Print. A Print window will open.
    Note: Using Ctrl+P (Windows) or Cmd+P (Mac) to print will send the file to the default printer on your computer (most likely not our remote printers).
  2. In the Print window, select either the color or black-and-white printing queue as your printer:


    • Black and White:
      • IT-Dell BW (B5460) Remote [FAC 444, LGRC A210, LIBR 1667, and MOR III 212]
      • IT-Dell BW (S5830) Remote [Learning Commons and Science Engineering Library (LGRC)]
    • Color:
      • IT-Dell Color (7130) Remote [Learning Commons, Sciene & Eingineering Library (LGRC) and FAC 444]


    • Black and White:
      • IT-Dell BW (B5460) Remote [FAC 444, LGRC A210, LIBR 1667, and MOR III 212]
      • IT-Dell BW (S5830) Remote [Learning Commons and Science & Engineering Library (LGRC)]
    • Color:
      • IT-Dell Color (7130) Remote [Learning Commons, Science & Engineering Library (LGRC), and FAC 444]
  3. The Print Job Details window will open:
    • Enter your IT Account NetID or Guest Card number and password for your print job.

    Note: You will have a complete list of jobs to be printed once you tap or swipe your UCard at an IT Print Release Station.

  4. Click Print. Your print job will now be stored in the Learning Commons and Computer Classroom printing queues for up to ten (10) hours. Go to any IT color or black-and-white printer in the Learning Commons or IT computer classroom to complete your print job. Note: Be sure to go to the appropriate printer for your print job (i.e., color print jobs can only be completed at color print stations). For more information on how to pay for and retrieve your print job, see Print from IT Computer Classrooms & the Learning Commons.