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Managing Files and Folders in Secure Online Storage at UMass Amherst


In Secure Online Storage at UMass Amherst provided by Box, you can organize files and folders in a way that's similar to doing so on your computer. For details about how to create, move, delete, and search for files and folders, see Box's Managing Files and Folders.


If you need to recover a file you deleted, go to your Trash. Deleted files will be in your Trash for 30 days before being purged. You can recover both files you deleted and files that you own. 

From the Trash, click the eye icon on the upper right, and select either Files I Deleted or Files I Own from the drop-down list. If a file is no longer in your Trash, contact the IT Support Center to find out if it can be recovered. For more about Trash, see Box's Using the Trash to Restore Files and Folders.

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