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About Secure Online Storage at UMass Amherst

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About the service

The Secure Online Storage at UMass Amherst service provides a simple, secure way to share and store files and folders online. Box consolidates your content in a single location, easily accessible from anywhere, on any device. You can create files and folders, share them using a direct link, invite others to collaborate, and continue to revise and review your content. Though similar in appearance to other consumer services such as Dropbox, Box can directly integrate with existing UMass Amherst systems such as your user account for single sign-on with your NetID. Your Box account quota is unlimited.

The Secure Online Storage at UMass Amherst service is cloud storage. Cloud storage is a term used for an online service that allows you to store digital data (e.g., photos, music, documents) in "the cloud" (online) instead of on your computer. When a file is stored in the cloud, you can access that file from any device that has an Internet connection and access to that particular cloud storage service.

Common examples of files being stored in the cloud include:

Cloud storage simplifies accessing files on your mobile device, laptop, desktop, and wherever else you access your files. Additionally, you no longer need to worry about losing flash drives or other storage devices since the cloud can serve as an off-site backup.

Important: Secure Online Storage at UMass Amherst can be used for storing or sharing most types of university data, using certain additional security measures, including some data that that is considered sensitive data. For specific information see Understand Sensitive Data at UMass Amherst. For information about the different types of sensitive data see Data Classification at UMass Amherst.  For information about what data can be stored in Box, see What types of data are appropriate for my Secure Online Storage at UMass Amherst account?

View a Box video: Simple, Secure Content Sharing & Collaboration.

Main features


Secure Online Storage at UMass Amherst accounts are available to all current students, faculty, and staff.

For role account eligibility, see How can I create a group (non-individual) Secure Online Storage at UMass Amherst account?

Getting started and how to find help

For video tutorials, visit the Box YouTube channel. To explore common issues, training resources, and community forums, see the Box Help website.

More information

About Box and Internet2

Box is a commercial online content storage, sharing, and collaboration service offering Personal Box accounts to the public since 2005. Box is part of the Internet2 NET+ Services program that provides "above the network" services to Internet2 member organizations, including higher education, government, and industry. Internet2 chose Box after reviewing many storage and file management services.

Box and Internet2 have partnered to provide enterprise (university-wide) Box service to Internet2 member institutions that are also InCommon subscribers. UMass Amherst piloted the Box service for one year prior to developing it as a full service.