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Information Technology

Connect Gaming Consoles & Streaming Devices to the Wireless Network

UMass Amherst community members can connect gaming consoles and streaming devices to UMASS-DEVICES to access applications and play games online. Note: Connectivity is not guaranteed.

Network supported devices: Nintendo devices, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and AppleTV. Stay tuned: More devices will be added in the future!

How to Connect to the UMASS-DEVICES Network (NetID required)

Important Notes

  • A valid UMass Amherst NetID is required for use.
  • The UMASS-DEVICES network is only available in residence halls on campus. More areas to come.
  • You must register your device(s) before you connect to the network for it to work correctly.
  • Users can register and manage up to three devices.
  • Connectivity is not guaranteed and is limited to the devices listed above.
  • Sofware updates on supported devices could cause connectivity issues.
  • Connectivity is contingent on accepting the Terms of Use while registering.
  • Desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets (e.g., 802.1x capable devices) cannot use this SSID. They must use eduroam.
  • Kindle mobile devices should use the UMASS network and log in with the browser.
  • Personal assistants (e.g. Google Home) will not be able to connect. Amazon Alexa is an exception and will be able to connect.
  • All device registrations will be removed annually on August 1. You will need to re-register your devices after that date each year.

Not currently available at this time

  • Features available in a home setting may not work in the campus enterprise environment. Specifically, "secure intra-user based device communication" (e.g., L2 discovery, device discovery, additional features) is not available at this time.
  • If you connect your device before it is registered, you must register (see below instructions), power off the device for 30 minutes, and then re-connect.
  • Older models may not work properly. UMass Amherst IT can only provide minimal support for older device models.