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Telephone Dialing Instructions

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Lifting the handset will automatically activate and light Access 1

Type of Call Description
On-Campus Dial the last five digits of the on-campus phone number, 5-XXXX, 7-XXXX or 6-XXXX.
Local Off-Campus Dial 9 and the local off-campus number (you will not hear a second dial tone after entering the 9).

Domestic Long Distance

Dial 9, 1, area code, and phone number.

International Long Distance Dial * 6 *, Authorization Code, #, 9, 011, Country Code, City Code, and the phone number.
Toll-Free # (800, 877, etc.) Dial 9, 1, and the 800 number.
UMass Worcester Dial 83, and the last five digits of the phone number.
UMass Boston Dial 84, and the last five digits of the phone number.
Collect Dial 9, 0, area code, and the phone number.
Calling Card Dial 9 and the phone number provided by the Calling Card Carrier (either dial the phone number you are trying to reach and the Credit Card number after the tone OR dial O for an operator.)
Campus Operator Dial 0
Off-Campus Operator Dial 9, and 0.
International Directory Assistance You must charge this service to a Calling Card. Dial * 6 *, Authorization Code, #, 9, 0 and ask for International Directory Assistance and provide your Calling Card number.