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Telephone Billing Information

Telephone Listing Changes

Please report any listing changes on the Telephone Listing Change Form so that we can update names and phone numbers in our database.       

The purpose of the Listing Change form is to change any incorrect listing for one of the on-line directories used by the University Operators, for ease in managing telephone billing expenses and to change any listing that need to be altered due to an employee leaving or joining the University or transferring departments.

Mail or fax the completed form and a copy of the current Extension Summary to Network Communications/Systems, 101 University Drive Suite B1, Amherst, MA 01002 or fax it to 545-1798.

Transferring Billing Expenses between speed types

Individuals or groups moving finances within the University will have to transfer any Network Communications expenses from their old speed type to their new speed type.

The NetCom Expense Transfer Form has several steps involved in completing it.  Use this page to answer questions about each step.  If there are any questions please call 545-5737.

Once the NetCom Expense Transfer Form is complete:

  • Make a copy of the form for departmental records.  Each form generates a unique number for reference purposes.  Please have this number ready if you have any questions.  Changes will be reflected on the next bill or in the future month specified.
  • Fax Future Expense Transfer Forms to Network Communications at 545-1798.
  • Fax Past Transfer Expense Forms to the Controller's Office at 545-9973.
  • Forms should be received by the 15th of the month to guarantee processing for the current month.

Explanation of the Fields on the Transfer Expense Form



Preparer's Printed Name NetCom Rep information 
Department Address Enter applicable departmental information.
P. I.'s Signature Signature of Principal Investigator required for all grant accounts.
Department Phone Enter department phone number
New Speed Type Speed type future expenses will be transferred to.
New Fund ID Number If fund i.d. begins with the numeral 1 (state funds) we cannnot accept the speed type.
Old Speed Type Speed Type expenses are currently charging to.
Old Fund ID Number Required Information
Expiration Date (Grant accounts only) Required for all grant accounts.
Effective Date The effective date of the transfer of telephone services or equipment charges.  All Transfer Expense Forms should be received by Network Communications by the 15th of the month to ensure processing for the following month's bill.
Option A Check this box to make no telephone charge changes.
Option B Check this box to transfer ALL telephone charges (including voice mail, calls, credit cards and phone features) will be moved from the old speed type to the new speed type. 
Option C

List individual items of service.

Use this box to transfer SPECIFIC telephone charges from an old speed type to a new speed type.

  • NAME:  This should be the name you see on the Extension Summary portion of your telephone bill.
  • EQUIPMENT EXTENSION:  This should be the number you see on the Extension Summary.  List the last five digits of the extension number and check the "Equipment" box to the right of the space.
  • AUTHORIZATION CODE:  Check the box.  The actual authorization code number should not be entered.
  • CALLING CARD:  Check the box and make sure the "NAME" field is filled out.  The actual calling card number is not required.
  • VOICE MAIL:  Check the box and make sure the "NAME" and "EXTENSION" field are completed.​
  • CELL PHONE:  Check the box and make sure the "NAME" and "EXTENSION" field are completed.




All Past expenses are handled by the Controller's Office.  Please complete the form and forward it directly by fax to 545-6088.
Dates that expenses occurred

Fill in the time period in which the expense(s) you are transferring occurred.

Note:  Moving all year to date expenses will require the total dollar amount to be moved field be completed.

Dollar Amoun(s) to be moved Fill in the total dollar amount to be moved next to the appropriate account code. 
Account Codes
  • 734700 - Monthly equipment expenses
  • 734740 - Monthly long distance toll charges
  • 734770 - One-time charges (usually charges for Moves, Adds and Changes)

Expense Transfer Forms Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I check the box to move all expenses and list a staff member's name will only the expenses associated with that staff member be moved?  No.  It is an either/or situation.  You either will check the box to move ALL NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS EXPENSES on the old speed type OR you will list items for SPECIFIC NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS EXPENSES on the old speed type that you want to move.
  • Do I need to know the actual authorization code to transfer the code from one speed type to another?  No.  The name that the authorization code is listed under, the telephone extension and the speed type currently being bill should be sufficient information.


Avoiding Grant Account Problems

Example of how to avoid any problems:

  • Research what items are currently being billed to that speed type. NetCom runs a complete bill (all calling card and authorization codes appear regardless of usage) quarterly.
  • Find out if the grant account will be extended. If it won't, a new speed type must be issued. Telephone services on the speed type need to be deactivated or transferred to a new speed type before the grant ends. Note: When a grant expires, the Network Communications charges are NOT automatically deactivated.
  • Sometimes it takes time to get a new speed type. If a new speed type is not available, transfer expenses to a speed type that can temporarily absorb the charges. Once a new speed type is available, the past and future expenses can be transferred via the "NetCom Expense Transfer Form."
  • If telephone services should be continued, complete the NetCom Expense Transfer Form using a valid new speed type and appropriate project/grant number.
  • If network communications services are to be deactivated, call Customer Service at 545-2171.


If an Employee Leaves the University or Transfers to a different Department

If an employee leaves a department or the University it is important that their authorization code, calling card and/or voice mail box be deactivated. Please complete the appropriate forms promptly.

Please report any listing changes on the listing change form so that we can update names and phone numbers used in our database which is one source of information used by the University operators.  The name changes also appear on the University telephone bill making charges easier to verify.

Please note, the employee authorization code number number cannot be transferred from one department to another.  Network Communications can only bill one speed type for the call records at month end and cannot split charges between departments.