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Information Technology

Work in a Moodle Course that is Hidden from Students

The My courses block on the Moodle entry page automatically lists courses that are available to students. To access hidden courses, instructors can click Show Hidden Courses in the My courses block.

Note: There are a number of reasons a course might be hidden from students:

  • New Moodle courses are created hidden from students. UMass IT opens courses one business day prior to the start of the semester; however, if you request a course after this release date it will remain hidden until you manually change the course availability.
  • After the close of the semester, UMass IT makes courses unavailable to students.
  • The instructor could have set the course to be hidden/unavailable.

To release a Moodle course, or hide it from Students, see Make Your Moodle Course Available to Students.

To release a course to an individual student so that they can work on an Incomplete, see Assign Roles to Individuals in your Moodle Course.

To access a hidden course without making it available to students:

  1.  Go to, and in the Login block, (top left) click Log in with IT NetID. The Web Login page opens.
  2. Enter your NetID (IT Account username) and password and click the arrow (arrow) or press enter/return on your keyboard. Once you have logged in, at the top right you should see your Name (and if you have uploaded a profile image, your avatar).

  3. At the top left, look for the block labeled My courses.  Moodle courses that are open to students will be listed here.
  4. At the bottom of the My courses block, click Show Hidden Courses. Links to courses that are currently hidden from students will appear grayed-out, but are clickable.
    Note: Clicking Show Hidden Courses only makes hidden links visible to you; it does not make them visible to students.
  5. If you still do not see your course listed, ensure that you have requested the course in SPIRE (you must request Moodle courses each semester you will teach them), and that it is ready to use (you will receive an email when the course has been created).

    For more on requesting a Moodle course, see Request Your Moodle Course - Overview or contact the Instructional Media Lab at (413) 545-2823 or