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Wiki (enhanced) Activity in Moodle

The Wiki (enhanced) activity is used to create collections of collaboratively produced web pages in Moodle.  The activity begins with a start page (which the instructor can "seed" with content). Participants in the activity can then add and edit content, including linking to new pages. 

Wikis can be configured to allow editing by all course members, only a single individual, or a group of students. (For more information about groups, see An Overview of Managing Groups in Moodle.)

In Moodle, you would normally use a wiki when you want your students to create content. For example, you may want to us a Wiki for:

  • Group lecture notes or study guides
  • Planning work or a meeting agenda
  • Collaboratively authoring an online book
  • Collaborative storytelling or poetry, where each participant writes a line or verse
  • Personal journals for notes or revisions (to assign individual wikis see Create One-Person Groups Named for Individual Students in Moodle)

The "enhanced" Wiki, developed by the Open University (OU), is easier to use than the standard Moodle Wiki (Legacy) (discontinued at UMass Amherst in May, 2015) and provides a variety of additional options, including:

  • Save wiki as template (to reuse in a new wiki activity)
  • Set a release date for editing
  • Statistics on individual student's participation (number of pages created, number of pages edited, number of words added to the wiki,  number of words deleted)
  • Grading & feedback options, including the ability to annotate pages (by teacher or any role given permission)
  • Instructors do not need to be part of a group to view, edit or annotate the group’s wiki pages.

For help using Wiki (enhanced), in Moodle, on the Wiki (enhanced) settings pages, click the individual help icons for each item. You may also find it useful to visit Open University's Wiki Instructions, or download A Guide to Using the Course OU Wiki (PDF), developed by Lancaster University.