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Why Can't I See Grade Columns in the Moodle Gradebook?

If you’re reviewing the Moodle Grader report, but do not see all grades, or some grade columns seem to be missing, it is most likely because of collapsed Categories.

Whenever items are grouped together in a category, you have the option to collapse and expand the category. Click the Expand/Contract category button that appears next to the category name at the top of the table to cycle through three states:

  • Show only the category total Click to show only the category total
  • Show category items without total Click to show category items without the category total
  • Show all items Click to show category items and total

To change which items are visible, click the Expand/Contract category button to cycle the view of the category:

All grades

After clicking, the page will reload showing the new view of the category.

Only category total

Continue clicking the button until you see all grade items.

Items without category total