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View and Sort Student Data in the Moodle Grader Report

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The Grader Report is the primary page in Moodle's gradebook to view and edit student grades for the entire class. When you add a graded activity to your course, a column is added to the report. Scores automatically appear in the Grader report when students complete activities such as a quiz, or when you enter grades from within an activity such as a Forum or Assignment. You can also enter or override scores directly in the Grader report.

Moodle provides a number of options to make it easier to find a particular student, or grade only a group of students:

Open the Grader Report

  1. Open your Moodle course.
  2. Select Course Management (black gear icon Course management button (black background, white gear icon), top right), the Course Management panel will open.
  3. On the Course Management panel, under Grading, select Grader Report. The Grader Report page will open.

Sort by Columns

  • To the right of the column headers, click Sort ( Sort Icon ) to sort the Grader report by that column.
  • To sort by student name, click Last name or First name in the student column.

View Individual Students

You can also search or filter the Grader report to view grades for individual students:

  • To search, type part of a student's name in the search bar at the top-left of the table and click Search.
  • To filter, at the top-right of the table under Select all or one user, click the drop-down menu and select a student name. To show all students, select All users.
  • To edit all grades for an individual student, click Grade in the gradebook navigation tabs. For more, see Edit Grades for Individual Students or Activities in Moodle.

Filter by Group or Class Section

To show only a particular group, or class section of students, first enable a Group mode for the Moodle course. A drop-down menu will appear allowing you to filter by group. For details, see Sort the Moodle Gradebook Using Groups.

Change the Number of Students Shown per Page

By default, the gradebook shows up to 50 students per page. If there are more than the set number of students, the option to view additional Grader report pages appears. You can also increase or decrease the number of students shown per page.

  1. Click the Setup tab at the top of the page.
  2. From the sub-tabs, select Preferences: Grader Report.
  3. Scroll down to General. For Students per page, enter a new number.
  4. Click Save Changes.

View Grade Distribution Graphs

Moodle can generate graphs to show grade distributions for specific grade items. To view a graph in the Grader Report for an item, click Graph in the bottom row of the column for that grade item.

Expand & Collapse Groups of Columns (Categories)

In order to expand and collapse columns in the gradebook, columns must first be grouped together in Categories. For directions on how to create grade categories, see Create Grade Categories.

Category views cycle through the following states:

  • Aggregates only: Click the minus icon (Aggregates only icon, looks like a minus sign) next to a category to hide the items in that category, and show the category total only.
  • Grades only: Click the plus icon (Grades only icon, looks like a plus sign) to show grade items, but no category total.
  • Full view (default): Click the box icon ( Full view icon, looks like an empty bo ) to show the category total and items.