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Select Missing Words Questions in Moodle

Select missing words questions allow instructors to create questions that require students to select words or phrases from a drop down menu embedded into a question text. 

Create a New Select Missing Words Question

  1. On your course page, in the Administration block, under Course Administration, click Question bank. This will open the Question bank page. 
  2. In the Question bank, select a question category for the new question, then click Create a new question.... The Choose a question type to add pop-up window opens.
  3. Select Select missing words and click Add. The Adding a select missing words question page will open.
  4. In the Question name field, enter a descriptive name. This will make it easy to identify the question in the question bank.
    Note: The question name is not visible to students.
  5. In the Question text field, enter the text in which you want your students to select missing words. To create a drop-down menu in the text, enter a [[number]] within double brackets. For example, if your first drop-down is [[1]], you will enter the correct answer for that dropdown as Choice 1 in Step 8. 
    Note: You can reuse an Answer multiple times in a question—just enter in the same [[number]] in each location in the question text where you want that answer to be the correct choice.
  6. Set the Default points for this question, which is the maximum points for the question. 
  7. Select Shuffle to randomize the answers that appear in drop-downs.
  8. Under Choices:
    • For each [[number]] you have entered, in the corresponding numbered Answer field, enter the correct answer that students should select from each drop-down menu. For example, for the question text "The sky is [[1]]", the Answer field for Choice 1 should read "Blue".
      Note: Each [[number]] entered in the question text must have a corresponding Answer under Choices.
    • To add extra choices to drop-downs (i.e., incorrect answers), complete additional Choices using Choice numbers that are not associated with a correct [[number]] in the question text.
    • When you have more than one drop-down in a question, you can set restrict answers to particular drop-downs according to the order the drop-downs appear in the question, by setting the Group option for Answers. Answers set to Group 1 will appear only in the the first drop-down to appear in the text, and Answers set to Group 2 will appear only in the the second drop-down, etc.
      Note: If Shuffle is selected and Groups are set, questions will shuffle only within each group.
  9. Click Save changes to add the question to the category. You will be returned to the Question bank page. 
  10. To make sure the question works correctly click Preview Quiz Preview Icon ) next to the question in the Question bank. An interactive preview of the new question will open in a pop-up window.