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Role Permissions in Moodle

This matrix provides an overview of role capabilities. For detailed descriptions of roles, see Roles in Moodle.



Grade Student Work

Add Activities & Resources

View Forums

Access Quickmail

Post to Announcements

Edit Gradebook 

Create Quiz Questions

Manage Groups


Non-Editing Teacher      
TA-Manage Gradebook1              
Course Designer2            
Course Assistant3            
Temporary Speaker              
Access Quickmail Block                
Post to Announcements4                

1TA-Manage gradebook adds the capability to edit gradebook setup, and can only be assigned to a TA already enrolled in your course.
2Course Designer can be used in two ways: to add capabilities for a TA (for example to upload files), or as a stand-alone role.
3 Course Assistant can only be assigned to a user from within an activity or resource, not for the entire course.
Post to Announcements cannot be assigned to a Course Designer if that is their only role in the course. 

For detailed descriptions of roles, see Roles in Moodle.