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An Overview of the Workshop Activity in Moodle

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The Workshop activity in Moodle enables the collection, review, and peer assessment of students' work. Students can submit their work as:

  • Online text: Students enter content directly into a text box on the workshop submission page. Useful for short papers or brief paragraphs.

  • File submissions: Students upload files on the submission page. Useful for longer papers or other file-based work. Instructors may specify a list of acceptable file types for files, e.g. only accepting .pdf files from students. 

  • Both Online text and files: Students can upload files and type text online. For example, a student can upload a file containing an essay and use the online text box to write a brief cover note to the instructor.

Students assess their peers' submissions using a multi-criteria assessment form. Both the allocation of submissions and the assessment form are configured by the instructor in the workshop settings. Submissions and reviewers may be anonymous. The Workshop activity can be practiced in advance with example submissions provided by the instructor.

Students obtain two grades in a Workshop activity: a grade for their submission, and a grade for assessing their peers' submissions. Both grades are recorded in the gradebook.

Workshops are composed of several phases, each running on settings configured by the instructor:
Screenshot of Workshop phases (click to enlarge)

  • Setup phase: In this phase the instructor sets the general settings for the activity. These include settings for submissions, assessment, availability, and access restrictions. During this phase, the activity is not open to students.
  • Submission phase: In this phase students submit their work for peer assessment, based on the submission settings configured by the instructor in the Setup phase. 
  • Assessment phase: In the Assessment phase, students' submissions are open for peer assessment based on settings configured by the instructor, such as the allocation of submissions and assessment form. Transition to this phase from the Submission phase can be done manually by the instructor or set to switch after the submission deadline.
  • Grading evaluation phase: In this final phase of the workshop activity, students' grades are finalized based on the weighted components configured by the instructor. Instructors can override grades during this phase. 

The following steps summarize the recommended process for using a workshop activity in Moodle:

  1. Add and configure the Workshop activity. Here you will set deadlines for submissions and assessment; set the relative weight of grade components; provide instructions for submissions and assessment; and configure the activity for Groups (see Assign an Activity to a Group or Grouping in Moodle). For details on the settings involved in configuring a Workshop, see Add a Workshop Activity in Moodle
  2. Configure the assessment settings. Here you will allocate submissions for peer assessment and provide an assessment form. See Assessment settings for Workshops in Moodle for details.
  3. Finalize the Grading evaluation phase. This phase concludes the activity and sets the students' final grades for the workshop. See Grading a Workshop Activity in Moodle.
  4. Close the Workshop. Once the Workshop is closed, the grades for the activity will appear in the Gradebook. Students will be able to view their submission and their submission assessments.