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Numerical Questions

From the student perspective, a numerical question looks just like a short-answer question in that they enter their answer into a short edit box. The difference is that the answer has to be numerical, and answers are allowed to have an accepted error range. This allows a continuous range of answers within a particular tolerance of the correct answer.

Example of a numerical question:

Numerical question example

Question set-up

  1. In the Question Bank, select the desired question category, then click Create a new question... and choose Numerical. The Adding a question screen will open.

  2. Give the question a descriptive name - this makes it easy to identify it in the question bank. The question name is not visible to students.

  3. Enter a passage of text into the Question text field. Images, audio, and video can also be inserted into this field using the HTML editor toolbar.

  4. Set the Default mark (question grade) by entering a numerical value (i.e. the maximum number of marks for this question).

  5. Write the correct answer in the Choice 1 text field.  In addition, select a grade percentage for this answer, 100% to mark it as the correct answer. To only accept the correct answer, choose "0" as accepted error.
    Note: At least one of the choices needs to be marked as 100%.

  6. (Optional) To accept a range of answers, enter a number greater than zero. For example, an Answer of "5" with Accepted error "0.5" will accept answers 4.5 - 5.5.

  7. Fill in other potential answers if desired. Selecting grades less than 100% will assign partial credit. Any unused areas will be ignored.

  8. Click Save changes to add the question to the category.