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Log in as a Guest to a Moodle Course

The instructor for a Moodle course can set the course to allow Guest access, then share the course URL and a custom password with those they would like to be able to view the course.

Guests have minimal privileges in Moodle courses. Guests cannot participate in activities, view students’ contributions to the course, or view sensitive student data such as names or grades.

If you were sent a password to course, here's how you log in:

  1. Click the link provided to you by the course instructor (or paste the URL  into your browser's location bar). The  page for Moodle will open.
  2. At the bottom-left of the log in page, click Moodle Guest Access.
    Do not enter username and password- click Guest access below.
    The Guest access login page will open.
    enter the password shared by the instructor
  3. On the Guest access page, for Password, enter the password the instructor provided for the course and click Submit.
    The course home page will open.