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Grading Copies of an Activity Assigned to Different Groups

You can use multiple copies of a Moodle activity to give different groups in your course different due dates and instructions, while aggregating each copy of the activity into a single item in the grade book. This can be an especially useful feature for courses with multiple lab or discussion sections with different meeting times.

Set Up a Grading Category to Aggregate Copies of an Activity Assigned to Different Groups

  1. Create each activity you'd like to aggregate into a single grade item. For more see: About Adding Activities to a Moodle Course.
    Assign each activity to its appropriate group using the "Available for group members only" setting. For instructions on how to do this, refer to the Assign a Specific Activity to a Grouping section of Assign an Activity to a Group or Grouping in Moodle.
  2. Create a category in your grade book (see Create Grade Categories in Moodle) and move the activities you just created into that category. For information on how to do this, refer to Arrange & Customize the Grade Book in Moodle.
  3. In the category's Aggregation drop-down menu, select Natural. The page will refresh.
  4. In the category's Action column, click the Edit icon.
  5. Set the Drop the lowest drop-down menu to the number of activities minus 1. For example, if there are 4 different copies of an assignment for 4 discussion sections, drop the lowest 3.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save changes.

This method will only show students the activity assigned to their group in the Moodle course page and in the grade book, and will provide an an accurate calculation in the grade book for instructors. For example: A category aggregated with this method that contains 4 copies of an assignment worth 100 points each would have a maximum total of 100 instead of 400.