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Gradebook Views in Moodle

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The first time you open the Moodle gradebook in a browser session, it opens to the View tab showing the Grader report, one of several views you can use to track student progress and manage gradebook functions. It will subsequently open to the page you most recently viewed under the View tab.

Use the navigation tabs across the top of the page to switch between grade reports and gradebook settings.

View tab

Under the View tab, you will see:

View Grader report

  • Grade distribution allows you to view the distribution of student grades for a course using the current grade letter boundaries or adjust grade boundaries to shift the distribution.
  • Grader report shows the complete gradebook for the entire class, including all graded activities created for the course. Select the pencil icon (red pencil icon) to manually enter or edit grades. Some activities provide a separate grading interface that automatically updates grades in the gradebook.
  • Grade history shows a complete report of all grades entered and changed for the course. This can be particularly useful if there are multiple people grading in one course.
  • Overview report lists all the courses a student is enrolled in together with the total grade for each course. Use the Select a user drop-down menu to select a specific student.
  • Single view allows you to enter grades for all students for a specific activity, or enter grades for an individual student for all activities.
  • User report shows a grade report for an individual student or all students. This is the same view that students have of their grades. Use the Select all or one user drop-down menu (top-right) to select a specific student.

Setup tab

Under the Setup tab, you will see:

Sceen shot of Gradebook setup

  • Gradebook setup controls the arrangement of your gradebook columns and how grades are calculated.
  • Course grade settings determine how the gradebook appears for all participants in the course.
  • Peferences: Grader report lets you customize your personal view of the Grader report (e.g., how many students are shown per page).
    Note: Settings made under Preferences: Grader report apply to all courses you teach.

Scales and Letters tabs

Under the Scales and Letters tabs, you can set up custom scales and letter grade scales.

For more information, see:


Import and Export tabs

Under the Import and Export tabs, you can export gradebook data to a variety of formats (plain text, Excel, XML, or OpenDocument spreadsheet) or import gradebook data from a delimited text file (e.g., a comma-sparated value or .csv file).

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