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Export Gradebook Data from Moodle

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Moodle allows you to take data from your gradebook and export it to your own computer so you can modify values or input them into your own grading system (e.g., if you use advanced formulas to compute grades and prefer to work in a program like Excel). Moodle exports grades in the following file formats:

  • Plain text file .CSV (default)
  • Excel Spreadsheet .XLSX
  • XML file
  • OpenDocument spreadsheet

Along with the grade items you select for export, the export will include First name, Last name, ID number (SPIRE ID), and Email address.

In addition, columns will always be included for SPIRE class components which may or may not contain data: Dis sec (Discussion section), Ind sec (Individualized Study), Lab sec (Lab section), Lec sec (Lecture section), Pra sec (Practicum section), Sem sec (Seminar), and Sts sec (Studio/Skills).

  1. On your course page, make sure the Navigation tray is open (hamburger icon Hamburger menu, top left).
  2. In the Navigation tray, select Grades. By default, the Grader report opens.
  3. Below the page heading, select the Export tab. By default, the page opens to Export to Plain text file.
  4. To change the file format from the default (Plain text file .CSV), below the Export tab, click the tab for a different file type.
  5. Under Grade items to be included, select the check boxes for the columns to download.
    Note: By default, every column in your gradebook will be included. At the top or bottom of the list, you can click Select all/none to make selecting columns more efficient.
  6. Under Export format options, select the check boxes for the settings you wish to change.
    • Include feedback in export: Include a column in the exported file for existing feedback or to add feedback for future upload.
    • Require active enrollment: Only include students in the export whose enrollment is active and has not been suspended.
    • Export new or updated grades only: Exports only grades that have been changed since the most recent import. Note: This option is only available for XML file export.
    • Grade export display types: Select which grade format(s) you wish to include in the export. Each format will be in a new column.
    • Grade export decimal points: Select the number of decimal points to be reported. Values range from 0 to 5.
    • Separator: Select the delimiter for the text. Note: This option is only available for Plain text file export. 
  7. Click Download to start downloading your file.