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Information Technology

Embed Training Videos from Hoonuit (previously Atomic Learning) in Moodle

The UMass Amherst Hoonuit license contract ends July 1, 2018. Due to increased licensing costs, the contract will not be renewed. We encourage UMass Amherst community members to use the online learning service instead, which can be accessed for free with a Boston Public Library eCard. For more information, please see this news item.

Instructors who have included External Tool activities in Hoonuit, or links to Hoonuit in their Moodle courses should remove those items. 

As an alternative, the Digital Media Lab on the 3rd floor of the library has a subscription to, a learning platform that contains video instruction in business, software, technology, and creative skills. This subscription must be accessed onsite from the DML computers. Other options for using Lynda are: purchase a direct account from or access from the Boston Public Library at: (you must be eligible for an ecard from the Boston Public Library). Youtube also can be a helpful resource in looking for video training.