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Edit Dates for Multiple Activities & Resources in Moodle

The Edit dates report lets an instructor review and change due dates, access dates, cut-off dates, etc., for multiple Activities or Resources at once. This feature is especially useful for instructors who are reusing a previous course.

Use the 'Edit Dates' Report

  1. Log in to Moodle and select Course Management (black gear icon, top right), the Course Management panel will open.
  2. On the Course Management panel, under Course Settings select Edit dates. The Edit dates page will open.
  3. On the Edit dates page, from the Choose an activity type drop-down menu, you can either select All or a specific activity type to edit.
  4. Select a Section to expand and view the date settings in that section or click Expand all to open all the Sections containing the selected activity type.
  5. Change the date settings for the items you wish to edit, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save changes.
    Note: For date changes to stick, you must save changes before selecting a new Activity type. If you try to change activity types without first saving, a confirmation window will open, to alert you that you are leaving the page without saving the changes you have made.