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Drag & Drop into Text Questions in Moodle

Drag and drop into text questions require students to drag and drop text options from an answer bank into the question text. For example, you can ask students to complete a sentence or definition. These questions can be configured so that possible answers can be used more than once or have extra answers. 

Create a New Drag and Drop into Text

  1. On your course page, in the Administration block, under Course Administration, click Question bank. The Question bank page will open. 
  2. In the Question bank, from the Select a category drop-down, select a question Category. The page will refresh to display only questions in that Category.
  3. Click Create a new question... and from the Choose a question type to add... pop-up window, select Drag and drop into text. The Adding a drag and drop into text page will open.
  4. In the Question name field, enter a descriptive name that will help you to identify the question in the Question bank. (The question name is not visible to students.)
  5. In the Question text field:
    Enter the text students will drop Answers into.
    Designate the where you want the text drop zones using numbered placeholders, for example: [[1]], [[3]],  [[3]].
    Match the number to the correct Answer from the Choices section (further down the set-up page). For example, you would enter [[3]] to indicate where Choice 3 should be dropped into the question text.
     Placeholders for answers enetered as [[1]],[[2]], [[3]] (click to enlarge)
  6. For Default points, enter the maximum number of points available for this question.
  7. Under Choices, to randomly shuffle answers each time a student views the page, select Shuffle.
  8. For each choice:
    • In the Answer field, enter the text that will be available to drag into the Question text.  
    • (Optional) Use the Group drop-down menu to assign Choices to numbered groups. Groups of answer choices will be differentiated by color for students, and text can only be dragged and dropped into drop zones of their group. 
      (click to enlarge)
    • (Optional) To allow an answer choice more than once in your text, you must select Unlimited. If Unlimited is left unselected, students will be marked wrong for each subsequent drop zone using that choice after the first use of that answer. 
  9. (Optional) To use adaptive mode or immediate feedback with multiple tries, under Multiple tries, adjust penalties or feedback. 
  10. To preview the question and ensure it works as expected, click Save changes and continue editing, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Quiz Preview IconPreview (at right). The question will open in a new window.
  11. Try out the question, and then close the Preview window to return to the question set up page.  Edit the question if needed and repeat.
  12. When finished, click Save changes. You will be returned to the Question bank category selected in step 2.