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Drag & Drop Marker Questions in Moodle

Drag and drop markers questions require students to drag and drop a marker onto a background image to a preset location. You will have defined preset drop zones which determine whether or not a student is correct. For example, a question might ask a student to drag and drop the names of countries onto a world map or the names of plants onto a picture of a forest.

Drag and drop markers questions are different from Drag and drop onto image questions in a number of significant ways. In drag and drop marker questions, you will set up drop zones for acceptable answers but your students will not see any indication of what the size or shape of that zone has been set to.

Create a New Drag and Drop Marker Question

  1. On your course page, in the Administration block, under Course Administration, click Question Bank. The Question bank page will open. 
  2. In the Question bank, from the Select a category drop-down, select a question Category. The page will refresh to display only questions in that Category.
  3. Click Create a new question... and from the Choose a question type to add... pop-up window, select Drag and Drop Marker. The Adding a drag and drop markers question page will open.
  4. In the Question name field, enter a descriptive name that will help you to identify the question in the Question bank.  (The question name is not visible to students.)
  5. In the Question text field, enter instructions for your students explaining what they are seeing, and where they need to drag the marker or markers. For example, the question text might read, "This is a world map. Drag each label to the corresponding country". 
  6. For Default points, enter the maximum number of points available for this question.
  7. Under Preview, either drag and drop the background image you want to use into the Background Image field or click Choose a file... to use the file picker to select the background image. A preview will appear with a green grid over the image. 
  8. Under Markers:
    • To randomly shuffle answers each time a student views the page, select Shuffle drag items each time question is attempted.
    • For each possible answer that will appear under the image for students, in Marker field, enter a the answer text, then select the number of times that marker can be used.
      Note: the default setting is Infinite, which will allow a student to drag and drop an infinite number of the marker.
  9. Under Drop zones:
    1. From the Shape drop-down menu, select the Shape you want the drop zone to take.
    2. In the Coordinate field, enter coordinate information (see below).
    3. From the Marker drop-down menu, select the correct marker for rhe drop zone (you must have already created the marker).
    The Coordinate System:
    Coordinate information must be entered as numeric values. Moodle uses a left-right, top-bottom graphing scheme.
    • X values are counted from left to right
    • Y values are counted from top down.
    A coordinate of 100, 50 is 100 to the right of left edge of the image and 50 down from the top of the image.

    Use the Preview Grid as a Guide:
    Each green box on the Preview image is the equivalent to a value of 10. When setting up your drop zone coordinates, you can orient yourself by counting out the boxes to find the value you need. If the point you want to use is 5 boxes in, the value for that point would be 50.

    Shape Requirements:
    • Circle shapes require the information to be input as a center point and radius.
      The format is x, y; r
      (Example: 200, 300; 50)
    • Polygon shapes require at least 3 points which will form the shape. Separate coordinates by semicolons. You may set as many points as you like.
      The format is x, y; x, y; x, y  
      (Example: 120,10; 118,140; 80,120; 70,80)
    • Rectangle shapes require a coordinates for the top-left corner,  and a height and width.
      The format is left, top; height, width
      (Example: 120,10; 70, 100)

    Adjust Drop Zone Shapes:
    Once you enter enough coordinate values to complete a shape, the shape will be drawn on the Preview image. This will help you to adjust the values. We strongly recommend making the drop zone slightly larger than the exact portion of the image you want students to mark to ensure you are capturing correct answers.
    Tip: Collapse the Markers heading to keep your Preview image in view.
  10. (Optional) To use adaptive mode or immediate feedback with multiple tries, under Multiple tries, adjust penalties or feedback. 
  11. To preview the question and ensure it works as expected, click Save changes and continue editing, then scroll to the bottom of the page click Quiz Preview IconPreview. The question will open in a new window.
  12. Try out the question, and then close the Preview window to return to the question set up page.  Edit the question if needed and repeat.
  13. When finished, click Save changes. You will be returned to the Question bank category selected in step 2.