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Designer Access to Moodle Courses

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A Course Designer can upload materials, add activities such as assignments and quizzes, and make changes to the general design of a Moodle course. There are a few ways to use the Course Designer role:

  • An instructor can request that departmental staff or a student assistant be added as a Course Designer.
  • An instructor can add the role of Course Designer to a user already enrolled in their Moodle course, such as a Teaching Assistant.
  • An instructor can allow a student enrolled in the course to help build a particular activity by making them a Course Designer only for that activity.

Request Designer Access for an Unenrolled Assistant

An instructor can make a request that a departmental staff assistant be added as a Course Designer to help build a Moodle course. The assistant will not be able to interact with students or have access to the gradebook.

To request access for an unenrolled assistant, the instructor must complete the Request Course Designer Access to Moodle form.

Add Course Designer Role for a Teaching Assistant (TA)

By default, graduate and undergraduate TAs are enrolled in Moodle Courses as Non-editing teachers. By default, TAs can view posted files, participate in forums and activities, and grade student submissions. TAs cannot edit Moodle in their default role, but instructors can allow them to have editing access by adding the role of Course Designer.

The Course Designer role allows a course member to upload files, create pages, create and edit Moodle activities, and adjust some course settings. For a comprehensive list of Course Designer and Non-Editing Teacher permissions, see Roles in Moodle.

To add the Course Designer role for a TA, see Access to Moodle for Teaching Assistants.

Allow a Student to Design a Particular Resource or Activity

Instructors can elevate a student to the role of Course Assistant in order to facilitate a particular activity (for example, to lead a discussion forum). If an instructor wants a student to build a resource or activity (for example, to build a quiz or add to a folder of readings), they can give them the Course Designer role only for that activity.

For instructions on adding a role for a student (or students) for a particular resource or activity, see Assign Roles to Individuals in Your Moodle Course.