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Control Gradebook Visibility for Students in Moodle

Instructors can control whether students can access and view their grades in Moodle in a personalized grade report called the User report. By default, this report is set to be visible to students, meaning students can see their own grades for any graded activities that are not hidden from students.

Note: Even if the Gradebook is hidden from students, students can still view grades for individual assignments by opening the activity and reviewing their submission. To learn how to hide and show grades for a particular activity, see Control Visibility of Grade Items in Moodle.

Use the Course Settings Page to Show or Hide the Gradebook to Students

  1. Select Course Management (black gear icon Course management button (black background, white gear icon), top right), the Course Management panel will open.
  2. On the Course Management panel, under Course Settings, select Edit course settings.
  3. Under the General heading, from the Show gradebook to students drop-down menu, select Yes or No.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save and display.