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Contribute to a Glossary in Moodle

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A Glossary is a database of terms and definitions. Most often instructors set up glossaries to be compiled by members of your class.

To contribute to a glossary if your instructor has set up the activity to allow student participation:

  1. In your Moodle course, click the link to a Glossary activity. Activity links always appear in one of the sections down the center of the course page.  If your instructor has added the Activity block to your course, you can also locate any Glossary activities there on the right.
  2. The Glossary page opens showing the existing terms and definitions. You can also search the Glossary to find entries.
  3. Click Add a new entry. The page to add a new entry for this glossary will open.
  4. Type the term in the Concept box and definition in the Definition box. (You can also include pictures and attachments by clicking the Add icon (file icon screenshot) next to the  Attachment box).
  5. Keywords (optional) will assist others to find your concept when searching the glossary. Add any terms you think others might type into the search box.
  6. To spell check your entry, you must have spell checking enabled in your browser.
  7. Click Save changes to add your entry.
    Note: Glossaries are often set up to not allow repeat entries, so you may want to search for the concept you intend to add before you try to add it. If you try to enter a concept that already exists, you will see a warning (at top): No duplicates allowed in this glossary.
  8. You can edit entries you have created by clicking the update icon (moodle update icon) for that entry.

Note: Glossary activities may be set to require the instructor's approval before all members of your course can view entries.  If your instructor has set the gloassary to require approval, you may see the following message next to the entry's update icon after you add an entry: (This entry is currently hidden)