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Contribute to a Database in Moodle

About the Database Activity

The Database activity module allows instructors and/or students to build, display, and search a bank of recorded entries about a topic. The Database is most often used as a collaborative activity in Moodle, where students are assigned to add the entries.

Contributing to a Database can vary depending on how it has been set up by the instructor.

Open a Database and Add an Entry

  1. In your Moodle course, locate and click the link to a Database activity. Activity links always appear in one of the Sections down the center of the course page.  If your instructor has added the Activity block to your course, you can also locate the link there.  
  2. The Database page opens showing tabs at the top: View List, View Single, View my entries, Search, and Add Entry.
    (click to enlarge)
  3. To contribute to the Database, click the Add entry tab and populate the fields that the instructor has set up.
    The types of fields are:
    • Checkbox (a checkbox to select)
    • Date (insert a date)
    • File (upload a file)
    • Latitude/longitude (enter Lat/Long)
    • Menu (drop down menu)
    • Menu (Multi-select) (same as above but multiple selections)
    • Number (insert a number)
    • Picture (upload a picture)
    • Radio buttons (radio buttons to select a choice)
    • Text (a simple one line text area)
    • Text area (a customizable sized HTML box)
    • URL (insert a link)
    The example below illustrates a Database with entry fields for Text, Picture, URL, Text area, and Menu.
     screenshot of a Database entry screen (click to enlarge)
  4. After completing the fields, click Save and view to view your entry, or Save and add another if you wish to add another entry.
    Note: Your instructor may require you to add a number of entries yourself before you can view other students' entries.