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Assign Groups to Moodle Activities from the Assign Groups Report

The Assign groups report lets an instructor review and change group mode, grouping, and group availability for multiple Activities or Resources at once.

To use this tool, activities and groups or groupings containing students must already exist in the course.

Use the Assign Groups Report


    On your course page, in the Administration block, click Reports, then Assign groups.

    Location of the Assign groups report in the Administration block

    The Assign Groups page will open.

  2. From the Choose an activity type drop-down menu, select an activity type to assign groups to.
    • If your course page has fewer than twenty (20) itemsthe Activity type menu will default to All and every activity and resource in your course will be listed on the Assign groups page.
    • If your course page contains twenty (20) or more items, All will not appear as an option. Use the Activity type drop-down menu to filter items by type. 
  3. Change the group settings for the items you wish to edit, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save changes.
    Note: When editing by activity type, you must save changes before selecting a new option from the Activity type drop-down menu. If you try to change activity types without first saving, Moodle will display an alert: "This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved." To save your group settings click Stay on Page, then Save changes.