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Add a Group Self-Selection Activity in Moodle

Set up a Group self-selection activity to allow students to join a group in the course. Instructors must specify which groups are available for the activity, and can place a limit on the number of members in each group.

Create Groups for Your Students to Choose From, and Add the Groups to a Grouping

  1. Create the groups for students to select from:
    Before students can sign up to join a group, you must first create the groups for them to choose from. For easy reference, we recommend you name the groups to match the name of the activity (e.g., "Midterm Project Group A," "Midterm Project Group B," "Midterm Project Group C," etc.).
    For details on creating Groups, see Create & Modify Groups in Moodle.
    Note: If you will be restricting the number of students who will be allowed in each group, be sure to create enough groups for the class.
  2. Put the groups in a Grouping (Optional):
    The groups to use in the Group self-selection activity can be added to a Grouping. For easy reference, we recommend you name the grouping to match the name of the activity (e.g., "Midterm Project Groups"). This will help you to organize and keep track of the groups created for specific activities on your Moodle course. For details on adding Groups to a Grouping, see Create Groupings in Moodle.

Add and Set Up the Group Self-Selection Activity

Set up the activity to allow students to join a Group from the Grouping you created (above):

  1. On your course home page, click Turn editing on (top right). Editing icons and links will appear.
  2. In the course Section where you will add the activity (if you are using the Collapsed topics format, expand the Section), at the bottom-right of the Section, click + Add an activity or resource. The Add an activity or resource window will open.
  3. In the Add an activity or resource window select Group self-selection. A description will be displayed at right.
  4. Click Add. The Adding a Group self-selection page opens.
  5. Under General, in the Name field, enter a title for the page (required). The name you enter will display as the link to the page on your course page.
  6. Optional: For Description, enter a brief description explaining the purpose of the Group self-selection activity (e.g., "Sign up to join for a midterm project group. Sign up is first-come-first-served. Sorry, you cannot change groups once you have joined a group.").
  7. From the Select groups from grouping drop-down menu, select the Grouping you set up for the activity (above), or select all groups. 
    Note: If you have not yet set up your groups and groupings, or don't see what you expect on this page click the link to create and manage groupings for this course and open the Groupings administration for your course.

      screenshot of the Group self-select Settings screen(click to enlarge)
    Important!  Because students can only be a member of one of the groups in the grouping, the groups should be empty. If a student is already in a group involved in the Group self-selection activity, they will not be able to participate in the activity.
  8. (Optional) Configure the following settings as needed:
    • Requires password: You can set a password that is required to confirm a group selection.

    • Max members per group: Sets a limit for group sizes. The default is set to 0, meaning no limit.

    • Open from, Open until: To make the activity available between certain dates, select the Enable checkbox and select dates.

  9. When you are done configuring settings, click Save and return to course to return to your course page.
  10. To preview how your students will see the Group self-selection activity, in the Administration block, click Switch role to…, and select Student, then open the Group self-selection activity you just set up.
    screenshot of Student view of the Group Self-Selection activity(click to enlarge)
    Note: Students will be able to see the names of other students who have already joined groups.
  11. To switch to your normal role, click Return to my normal role in the Administration block.

Changing Group Membership

Once students join a group, they cannot change group membership themselves. The instructor must remove the student from the group he or she joined.

  • Once the student is no longer a member of any group involved in the Group self-selection activity, the student can return to the Group self-selection activity and join a different group.
  • Alternately, the instructor can move students in and out of groups at any time.

For details on modifying group membership, see Create & Modify Groups in Moodle.