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About Adding Activities to a Moodle Course

Listing of most activity types available in moodle displayed with the activity type name

Activities are interactive tools used to engage students in learning and assess their progress. Moodle includes the standard tools you'd expect from any learning management system including forums, assignments, and quizzes, along with collaborative activities such as wikis, glossaries and databases. Other activities facilitate taking attendance and group self-selection, to help manage your course.

Activities appear on your course page as a link proceeded by an icon indicating the activity type. The activity settings let you control conditions for submitting, grading and assignment to groups. Activities can be graded by TAs (Non-editing teachers) and instructors (Teachers). They can be added, moved, hidden and edited by a Teacher or Course Designer. To allow a TA to add/edit Activities or Resources to your course, add the Course Designer role for that individual (see Access to Moodle for Teaching Assistants).

Types of Activities

For a description of available activities and links to step-by-step instructions for each, see Activity Types in Moodle.

Add an Activity using the Activity Chooser

  1. On your course page, click Turn editing on.
  2. In the Section where you want the activity to appear, click + Add an activity or resource. The Activity chooser dialog opens.
  3. Select an activity. The right side of the dialog will change to show a description of the activity and support links.
    Screenshot of Activity Chooser (Click to enlarge)
  4. Click Add. The Settings page for the activity will open.
  5. Configure the settings for the activity.
  6. At the bottom of the page click Save and return to course or Save and display.
    Note: Many activities, including Attendance, Quizzes, Glossaries, and Databases require additional setup from within the activity. If you returned to the course page, click the activity to open the activity and complete your set up.

Once you have added an activity, you can:

  • Move the activity link on the course page with the Move icon (Screenshot of the Moodle move icon). You can drag items between Sections (if you use the Collapsed topics format, the target section must be open).
  • Configure the settings for the activity. Locate the activity you want to configure and click; Edit (to the right of the item), then; Edit settings. This will bring you to the settings page. 
  • Hide an activity that you are not ready to release to students or show a hidden activity. Locate the activity you want to hide or how and click Edit (to the right of the item). From the drop-down menu, select (Screenshot of the Moodle hide iconHide or (Show icon in moodle an eye with a line through itShow
  • Change your role to Student to test submitting an activity (e.g., to submit and test scoring on a quiz) by going to the Administration block, clicking Switch role to..., then selecting Student.

Advanced Activity Settings