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Get Started with UMass Create Web Domains

UMass Create Overview

UMass Create, a service currently in pilot at UMass Amherst, allows members of the campus community to manage a hosted web space and install powerful, commonly-used web applications including Wordpress, Omeka, and Drupal. Users can name their own web space (example: and can migrate sites to other web-hosting services when they move on from the UMass community.

The UMass Create pilot is provided by Reclaim Hosting, a web hosting company focused on serving students and educators.

Request a Site on UMass Create

  1. Go to
  2. Click Get Started. The Web Login page will open.
  3. Sign in with your UMass NetID and password. An interest form will open.
  4. Fill out and submit the interest form. You'll soon be contacted by an UMass IT staff member about getting access to your UMass Create web space.

Support for UMass Create

UMass Amherst is providing access to UMass Create via the Reclaim Hosting web hosting service, and to the complex tools it makes available. This pilot is part of our focus on student-centered learning and our goal to help build technical digital literacy and self-sufficiency. To that end, users will be expected to create, expand, and maintain their sites themselves by accessing Reclaim Hosting’s online documentation and other help resources available on the Internet.

For documentation on managing your UMass Create space, see Reclaim Hosting's Documentation pages.