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Get Started with Echo360 Lecture Capture

This page provides information on getting started with Echo360 for instructors who have received email confirmation that their lecture capture request has been processed, and their Echo360 course has been created.

For questions or help with Echo360 lecture capture, please contact the Instructional Media Lab ( | 413-545-2823).

Log In to Your Echo360 Instructor Dashboard

To access your instructor Dashboard, go to and enter your UMass Amherst NetID and password in the Web Login window (see image).
Note: If you are logged into another UMass Amherst service that uses single sign-on (e.g., Moodle, Box), you may not have to enter your credentials. 

After logging in, you have a number of options, including:

Complete Your Echo360 Registration 

After you are added to the Echo360 system, you will receive an email invitation with instructions for completing your user registration. (If you can’t locate the invitation email and need another one, please let us know.) 

Follow the steps to complete the registration process, which includes agreeing to the Echo360 end user license agreement (EULA) , terms of service, and privacy policy; options for adding your phone number and a profile picture; and creating a password for After you have completed your registration, you will be taken to your Echo360 instructor Dashboard.
Note: We recommend you to establish a separate Echo360 user login and create an Echo360 password. This option could be useful in the unlikely event that the UMass Amherst Web Login and SSO services are not operational.

Classroom Capture

The classroom capture system will automatically capture your lectures according to the times you indicated in the Lecture Capture Request Form. 

For more details on classroom capture, see Record a Classroom Lecture with Echo360.

Apple laptop users, also see Use Echo360 Classroom Capture with an Apple Laptop.                          

Download & Use Echo360 Personal Capture Software

The Echo360 Personal Capture software is tied to our Web authentication system. To upload a personal capture recording from your computer, you will use your UMass Amherst NetID and password. If you are a prior personal capture user, you will first need to update your Personal Capture software to use this new sign-in process,


Download & Install Echo360 Personal Capture 

Log in to your Echo360 instructor dashboard. Download the Echo360 Personal Capture software by clicking on the gear (upper right) and the Downloads tab and then choosing the correct version of the software for your computer (Mac or Windows). For instructions, see:

   Install Personal Capture for Mac

   Install Personal Capture for Windows


System Requirements for Echo360 Personal Capture

For the recommended system requirements for Echo360 Personal Capture software, see Echo360's Personal Capture Specifications page. For compatible webcams and USB microphones, see:

   Recommended Devices for Personal Capture Mac

   Recommended Devices for Classroom Capture and Personal Capture Windows


Use Echo360 Personal Capture

For links to instructions on configuring and using Personal Capture software for Macintosh OSX and Windows, see Use Echo360 Personal Capture software. 

Note about Web browsers: Echo360 Personal Capture uses a Web browser to connect to the Echo360 server. At this time, we recommend using Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 11 and higher (including Edge, the Windows 10 native browser) as your default Web browser. Some of our users have experienced issues with Firefox, we do not recommend using it with Echo360 Personal Capture. For help setting your default Web browser contact IT User Services:

Give Students Access to Recordings through Moodle

To provide students access to your recordings through Moodle, add the Echo360 learning tool integration (LTI) activity to your Moodle course. For instructions, see:

Give Students Access to Recordings through Moodle

If you are not using a learning management system (Moodle or Blackboard) link, you will need to manually upload your student roster to your Echo360 course. For details, please see Echo360's article How to add students via CSV ImportStudents added to your course by .csv import will access videos for your class by logging into  

Lecture Capture Recordings Policy

Please see our Lecture Capture Recordings Policy document for important information on how Echo360 recordings are made, managed, and removed from the system.

Echo360 Video Tutorials

The Echo360 Vimeo channel provides a number of Video Tutorials to help instructors get started using Echo360.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Echo360, please see our page:

 Echo360 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).