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Get Started with CATME Team-Maker and Peer Evaluation

As you may know, in summer 2017, the CATME team began charging a user license fee of $2.00 per year per unique student. 

We know that this might represent a hardship to those of you who are invested in this tool, so UMass Amherst will continue to provide the licensing.

If you any have questions, please contact the Instructional Media Lab ( | 413-545-2823).


This page provides information on what CATME is, how to prepare student rosters to import into CATME, and how to use data exported from CATME to import team rosters into Moodle.

CATME Overview

CATME includes two main tools: CATME Team-Maker and CATME Peer Evaluation.
Description from CATME Tools:

"CATME Team-Maker is a tool for instructors to gather information from students and assign students to teams.  Instructors choose the criteria and weighting that are most relevant to successful teamwork in their classes."

"CATME Peer Evaluation enables instructors to gather information about the contributions of team members and their team experiences.  It includes self and peer evaluation of five dimensions of team-member contributions.  The system analyses the data, flags unusual rating patterns, and allows instructors to use the information for student feedback and grading purposes. There is also a library of follow-up questions that instructors can choose to administer to better understand their teams’ processes and functioning."

CATME Peer Evaluation is intended to be used for student team members to review their team members' individual and group performance rather than review teammates' submitted work. For having students review peer work, consider using the Workshop activity in Moodle. See An Overview of the Workshop Activity in Moodle

Within the CATME platform, each of the peer evaluation questions have been selected by the CATME development team based on scientific evidence of their relevance, reliability, and validity, and can’t be directly edited by instructors. 

Instructors using CATME can decide to release de-indentified student data to the CATME research team for each CATME activity.
For more information on CATME's data confidentiality, see: CATME Data Confidentiality

Note: Any time you use a new technology service with your students, read over any agreements or End User License Agreements (EULAs) to make sure your students' information and safety are being considered, especially in regards to FERPA.

If Your Students Need Help With CATME

For CATME's instructions for students, see: CATME Student Support

Get Class Rosters for Import into CATME

For information on downloading class rosters from SPIRE, see: Download Class Rosters as Excel Files

For information on downloading class roster data from Moodle, see: Export Gradebook Data from Moodle

For information on preparing your class roster for import into CATME, go to CATME Instructor Help Text and click What format should the student file be in order to upload to CATME?.

Import Team Rosters from CATME into Moodle

Part One - Export team rosters from CATME:

  1. On your CATME Summary page, look to the right of a Team-Maker Activity where teams have been created, and click Data & Teams. The Team-Maker Results page will open.
  2. On the Team-Maker Results page, in the upper right, click Export to CSV. Your browser will download or prompt downloading a CSV file containing the team rosters.

Part Two - Prepare team roster file for import into Moodle using Microsoft Excel:

  1. In the CSV file, delete all columns but those containing the headings Email and Team.
  2. Re-title the Team column to GROUP. Save the file as a CSV.
  3. You now have a CSV file you can upload into Moodle using the Upload/download groups block. For more, see: Upload or Download Groups from Moodle