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Google Workspace Troubleshooting Tips

Use this page to find workarounds and answers to known issues with Google Workspace.

I logged into and my other Google account came up. Why?

This is likely because you are currently logged into your other Google account or you have recently logged into one. To avoid confusion between switching from your other Google account(s) to your Google Workspace account, and if you want to easily use both at the same time, you can open each account in a different Web browser (e.g., if you are logged into your personal account in Chrome, open Firefox and log in to Google Workspace).

Otherwise, please log out of all Google accounts first and clear your browser's cache. Next, go to and log in with your IT Account NetID and password.

How do I know if I'm logged into Google Workspace?

When you are logged into Google Workspace, you will see the Google Workspace logo in the top left corner and your NetID followed by ( in the top right corner.

I'm getting the message "Gmail has not been enabled by the administrator of the domain You can sign into another account to use Gmail." Why?

Faculty, staff, and graduate students will see this message because the version of Google Workspace available to them does not include Google Mail. To access your personal Gmail account, please sign out of Google Workspace and log in with your personal Google user name and password.

I am getting an error message when downloading Drive for Mac. Why?

Drive for Mac will report an error if it has been downloaded and used with a personal Google account in the past. In this case, disconnect your personal Google account (go to Preferences to get started) and restart Drive for Mac using your Google Workspace account to log in. In the setup wizard, under Advanced Options, specify a new Sync folderNote: Restart Drive for Mac after you disconnect it or it will keep trying to log in with the personal Google account you first used.

I sent a meeting invite to other Google Workspace users, but they can't accept the invitation. Why?

The default privacy level for meetings is private. When creating an event, set the Privacy setting to Public first. Learn more about Google Calendar privacy settings.