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Access iTunes U on Windows

Use iTunes U to view or download educational materials, including free lectures, videos, books, and other resources on thousands of subjects. You can access iTunes U content through the iTunes application on your computer or through a provided iTunes U link.

These instructions were developed using iTunes 11.2 (v. on Windows 7 and 8. Steps may vary for other versions of iTunes or other Windows operating systems.

Install iTunes 

To access iTunes U content, you need to have the iTunes application installed on your computer. If applicable, please check with the IT professional in your department before making changes to your University-owned computer. 

  1. Download iTunes from
  2. You may be prompted to Run the installer directly from your Web browser or Save it to your computer. We recommend that you run the installer directly from your browser if prompted. 
  3. Once the download is complete, follow the prompts to install iTunes.
    • If you saved the installer on your computer, you will need to locate it and open it first.
    • You may need your computer's Administrator user name and password  to complete the installation.
    You will get a confirmation when iTunes has been successfully installed on your computer.
    iTunes installer

Access iTunes U through iTunes

  1. Open iTunes.
    • Windows 7: Go to Start > All Programs > iTunes. iTunes will open.
    • Windows 8: Go to Start  > Apps > iTunes. iTunes will open.
  2. In the top right corner, click iTunes Store. The iTunes Store will open. Note: Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  3. In the iTunes Store top menu bar, click iTunes U (at right).  The iTunes U home page will open. (Optional) Click the small arrow next to iTunes U for a drop-down menu with quick links for different iTunes U materials (e,g., Arts & ArchitectureBusiness). 
  4. In iTunes U, use the navigation at right, the search function (top right) or the main page shortcuts to locate courses and materials.
  5. On a course home page, you  can access individual lectures, podcasts, and related documents, share files, and subscribe to course updates.
    • Click the price of an item (e.g., Free) to download it to your iTunes Library and access it without Internet connectivity.
    • Some materials may only be available on iOS devices.
    • To get the URL of an individual lecture or podcast, in the Price column, click the arrow, then select Copy Link. Paste the link in an email message or a document.

Access iTunes U through a Provided Link

You may receive the URL for a specific iTunes U file or course.

  1. Click the iTunes U link. A browser window will open. You can stream content directly from this page. Note: To download content or subscribe, you must access the course in iTunes U.
  2. To access the content in iTunes U, click the blue View in iTunes button (center left) or View in iTunes next to an individual file. iTunes U will open to the home page of the course.