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Information Technology

Register Departmental Devices on the Campus Network

Information for IT Contacts & Administrators

IT contacts and administrators in academic and administrative buildings are responsible for registering shared computing devices (e.g., lab computers, computers used by student workers) or all university-owned computers in their department. If this applies to you, follow these instructions to find out how to register departmental devices. To register your own devices, please use your NetID and password.

  • Devices with static IP Addresses or fixed DHCP do not need to be registered (e.g., some servers, network scanners). To confirm whether a device has a static IP Address or to request one, contact Some IT professionals will have access to Infoblox administrator  accounts to register devices with a static IP address. Contact to request access to Infoblox.
  • Do not register devices for department guests. Guests with NetIDs can register devices themselves or use the wireless network. Faculty and staff can also create temporary wireless accounts for their guests.
  • If your department's computers are maintained by IT Enterprise Desktop Support, consult with your IT Support contact first.

Obtain or Update a Subsidiary IT Account

Confirm with your supervisor and/or colleagues that you are one of the designated Network Registration Contacts for your department.

Network Registration Contacts will use a department's existing Subsidiary IT Account for all departmental registrations or request a new account.

To obtain a new account or to update an existing account with Network Registration privileges, contact the IT Help Center (413-545-9400, A109 LGRC Lowrise M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.).

Note: All network registration-related communications (e.g., expiration notices, etc.) will be sent only to the email address associated with this departmental account.

Delete Registrations

Devices your department no longer uses should be removed from your list of active registrations.

  1. Go to and click Delete Registrations.
  2. On the IT Web Login page, log in with the user name and password of your department's Network Registration Account.
  3. On Your Registrations page, select one or more registrations, then click Delete to remove them from your list of active registrations.
    If successful, a Success message will appear at the top.