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Information Technology

Connect to the Campus Wired Network (Ethernet)

Before You Begin

To connect to the campus network via Ethernet, you'll need:

  • An IT Account: You will need an IT Account NetID and password to access the network. If you do not have an IT Account, or if you cannot remember your password, please come to room A109 LGRC Lowrise with your UCard.
  • A Computer with an Ethernet Card: You will need a computer that meets our minimum system requirements (Windows | Mac) and has an Ethernet card installed. Most computers come with an Ethernet card already installed. If you need an Ethernet card, you can purchase one and have it installed at the IT Help Center (A109 LGRC Lowrise, M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.).
  • An Ethernet Jack and an An Ethernet Cable (RJ45): Most classrooms have Ethernet jacks that are automatically activated; all you need to do is register your computer on the network. In offices on campus, contact your TUG Rep to get a jack activated.

Plug in Your Computer

  1. Find the active Ethernet and connect your computer to the jack using an Ethernet cable. An Ethernet jack looks similar to a phone jack, but is slightly larger. If only one of the two jacks is activated, it is usually the one labeled "D." If you need to have a jack activated, contact your TUG Rep.