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Information Technology

Exchange 2010: What's New & Different

In summer 2013, the UMass Amherst Information Technologies (UMass Amherst IT) upgraded faculty and staff currently using Exchange email and calendaring from version 2007 to version 2010. We performed this upgrade to stay current with the latest improvements and security updates from Microsoft. 

Exchange 2010 Email Highlights

  • A new Web interface with the same extensive features irrespective of browser (e.g., Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer)
  • A consistent inbox, calendaring, and contacts experience across devices
  • Support for smaller screens, such as netbooks, tablets, and smartphones
  • Conversation view for the Web interface, which groups together related messages
  • The ability to embed pictures into messages
  • The ability to Send As/Send on Behalf (e.g., spoof from different email addresses)

Exchange 2010 Calendaring Highlights

  • The ability to print your calendar with the day, week, or month view
  • The ability to view shared calendars through the Web interface
  • Side-by-side view for calendars

For questions on Exchange 2010, please contact

The Exchange email and calendaring system is currently in use by a limited number of academic and administrative departments on campus.