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Exchange Email Client Features Comparison Chart

  Outlook Web App (OWA) Outlook 2013 (Win) Outlook 2010 (Win) Outlook 2011 (Mac) Apple Mail / iCal (Mac) iOS devices (mobile) Android devices (mobile)


Note problems with Verizon HTC Incredible v. 2.3.4

Open a shared calendar

3rd party apps exist

Share your calendar

iCal can only set delegates, not sharing; delegation gives ability to send mail as well

Add a calendar delegate*

Add an email delegate*

Open calendar as a delegate*

Open email as a delegate*

Set categories as a delegate*

Categories exist only on delegate's view

Filters, rules synchronized to server

Out-of-office response


3rd party apps exist

Restore deleted items removed in the past 30 days



Tasks synchronized to server

Flags synchronized

3rd party apps exist

3rd party apps exist

*Delegation refers to shared access along with certain edit rights. A calendar delegate can schedule and edit events on a shared calendar. An email delegate can read, send, and delete messages for a shared email address.