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Email & Calendaring Feature Comparison

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UMail was retired in early 2020 as it reached end-of-life, and is no longer supported. Faculty and staff using UMail received additional information about migrations to Google Mail and Microsoft Exchange.

This chart compares the features of Google Workspace: Google Mail & Calendar, Microsoft Exchange email & calendaring, and UMail as of April 11, 2019.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite and Apps at UMass Amherst) is a customized version of Google’s popular suite of online collaboration tools designed especially for educational institutions. Apps include email, calendaring, and contacts. Information is hosted ‘in the cloud,’ on Google servers. Microsoft Exchange is a platform that provides integrated email, calendaring, and contacts on premise, at this time (all information is hosted on university servers).

All platforms offer the following features:

  • Ability to import/export contacts
  • Ability to send mass email
  • Access for mobile devices
  • Centralized address book
  • Email search function
  • File backups & data recovery
  • Folders
  • IMAP access (ability to set up account using email software)
  • Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows compatibility for email
  • Out of office/vacation reply
  • Spam filtering
  • Subsidiary accounts (secondary accounts for projects, collaborations, student workers)
  • User Services support and online documentation
  • Web access (ability to access email through a Web browser - compatibility with most Web browsers)



Google Workspace: Google Mail & Calendar

Microsoft Exchange UMail (Soon to be retired)


Account quota size


30 GB

Faculty & staff: 2 GB

Graduate students:    1 GB



Attachment size

25 MB (Sending)

50 MB (Receiving)

25 MB

Web interface: 5 MB

Email client: 25 MB

Maximum file size for attachments

Chat integration


Ability to chat with others from the email interface

Conversation view


Email Scheduling

(Coming soon)

(Only works in Windows Microsoft Outlook)


Inbox rules/filters


Message encryption


Emails can be encrypted for added security







Google Workspace: Google Mail & Calendar

Microsoft Exchange UMail (Soon to be retired) Comments

Basic calendaring


Calendar delegation

Ability to delegate calendars to others

Calendar invitation via email


Calendar sharing


Ability to share one's calendar with others

Collaboration with UMass Amherst undergraduate students


Ability to share calendars or documents with students who are using Google Mail


Ability to see others' calendar availability

Integration with other platforms

(Limitations when sharing a calendar between Exchange & Google)

(Limitations when sharing a calendar between Exchange & Google)

E.g., sending calendar invitations between the two platforms

Linux compatibility



Mac OS X compatibility - Apple Calendar




Mac OS X compatibility - Microsoft Outlook



Multiple Calendars

Ability to set up multiple calendars per account and share to the Web - e.g., personal calendar & office hours schedule

Resource Calendars

Ability to set up calendars for conference rooms & other resources

Scheduling assistant




View shared calendars on mobile devices


View multiple calendars in one view


Windows compatibility - Microsoft Outlook

(Only via Google Sync)