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Create Contacts in Your Exchange Address Book

You can store your own contacts on the Exchange server and access them from multiple programs (e.g., when you create a contact using your iPhone, you can look up the contact later using Outlook 2011).

How to Create a contact

  • Android: Consult your device’s manual.
  • iOS:
  1. Open the Contacts application.
  2. In the Contacts application, tap Groups, then Hide All Contacts. Under your Exchange account, tap Contacts. This ensures that the contact you create will be stored on the Exchange server. Tap Done.
  3. Tap the + icon to create a new Exchange contact. Tap Done when you have finished entering the contact’s information.

How to Create a contact group

Contact groups allow you to create lists of contacts and access them from multiple programs. Certain Exchange programs allow you to address messages to a contact group and the message will be sent to all of its members.

Note: Programs that do not support the creation of contact groups do not allow you to look up or modify your existing contact groups.