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Configure Exchange Email & Calendar in Outlook 2016 (Macintosh)

Note: The instructions below apply to Outlook 2016 on Mac OS only. 

For the best security and easiest setup, install the latest version of Outlook included in Office 365 or sign in to the Outlook Web App at instead.

Get started with Office 365 Outlook 


Set up Outlook 2016 on Mac OS

  1. Connect to the Internet, then start Outlook 2016:
    Note: If you are not connected to the Internet, you will still be able to configure your Exchange account on Outlook using these instructions. You will be unable to verify that the process has completed and synchronize your mail successfully until you go online.
    • New Users: If you are new to Outlook or are installing Outlook on a new computer (without migrating any local data from your old computer), the Automatic account configuration feature will start the first time you open Outlook 2016 and help you configure your Exchange account. When you start Outlook, a Welcome to Outlook 2016 window should appear. Click Next. You will then see a Microsoft Outlook Account Setup window asking you if you want to configure an email account. Yes should already be selected. Click Next. An Add Account window will open.
    • If you have used Outlook for another email account and would like to add your Exchange account, you can access the Add Account window by going to Outlook > Preferences and clicking the Accounts button under Personal SettingsProceed to Step 2 below.
  2. Click the icon next to Exchange or Office 365.
  3. On the Enter your account information screen, enter your Exchange account information:

    • In the E-mail Address field, enter your Exchange email address (e.g., Check with the IT professional in your department if you are having problems configuring.
    • From the Method drop-down menu, choose User Name and Password (if not already selected).
    • In the User Name field, enter your IT Account NetID, followed by
    • In the Password field, enter your IT Active Directory/Exchange passwordNote: This may be the same as your IT Account Password.
    • Make sure the box next to Configure automatically is checked.
    • Click Add an Account.
    • Outlook will detect your settings, and connect to the Exchange Server.

      Note: The window might refresh with a Server field. In the Server field, enter, then click Add Account again.

  4. You will return to the Accounts window. If configured correctly, your Exchange account will appear in the column at left next to a green indicator showing the account is connected. Click the red "x" to close the Accounts window.

  5. You have now successfully configured Outlook 2016! Outlook will immediately begin downloading messages from the Exchange server. The synchronization process can take several minutes. Your Exchange calendar will be available from the calendar icon in the bottom-left of the Outlook window.