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Set Up Apple TV and Configure for Wireless Screen Sharing

By completing a few simple steps, Apple TV (3rd generation or newer) can be used on the UMass Amherst campus to wirelessly share content via AirPlay from an iOS device (running 7.1 or later) or a Macbook (running OSX 10.x "Yosemite" or later).

Connect the Apple TV Hardware

In order to use the screen mirroring features of Apple TV in the classroom, it needs to be connected to both a display and an active Internet connection.

  1. Connect Apple TV to a display.
    • If the display has an HDMI connector, connect the display’s HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the Apple TV.
    • If the display has a VGA connector, connect the HDMI to VGA adapter to the Apple TV. Then connect the VGA cable to the HDMI to VGA Adapter. (Optional: For system audio, connect the audio input cable to the HDMI to VGA Adapter.)
  2. Apple TV does not have a power button. It will turn on when you connect the AC power cord to the Apple TV and plug it in.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Apple TV and to an active classroom Ethernet port. The Apple TV will connect to the UMass campus network.

Turn on Apple TV for the First Time

Out of the box, when the Apple TV is powered on for the first time, it will go through some initial set-up screens including selecting a language and setting date and time.

Update the Apple TV Software

To complete the setup and run a full software update, navigate to Settings > General > Software Updates. The Apple TV will restart and perform the update.