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Information Technology

The Echo360 Home Page

When you log in to Echo360, you will be brought to the Echo360 Home page. From the Home page, you can quickly upload content, or navigate between four tabs to locate courses and content. In each of the 4 tabs, you can use the Search Content or Filter options at the top of the page to find specific content, or use the Sort by drop-down menu to sort content by the criteria you select. You can use the arrow icon next to the drop-down menu to toggle between ascending or descending order when sorting. 

For detailed instructions on how to understand and use the controls, see Welcome to your Echo360 Home page


The Courses tab is where you will find a list of all course you have access to in Echo360. To access a course, click on the Course card. 

All Content

The All Content tab shows you all content you have access to in Echo360 including your own content and content which is shared with you. From this tab you can view your content, edit media, share content, and more. 

My Content

My Content tab includes all content which you own in the Echo360 system. Similar to the All Content page, you can view and share content, edit media, and more. 

Shared With Me

The Shared With Me tab will allow you to view content and edit content which has been shared with you, but you do not own.