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Embed Video & Audio Content in Your Blog

WordPress uses oEmbed, a protocol that lets your blog seamlessly embed content from trusted services including YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Hulu, Viddler, Scribd, Photobucket, Instagram, SoundCloud, Slideshare, Twitter, and more. See a full list of oEmbed trusted sites.

To embed media from an expanded list of services, activate the iFamely plugin (see Manage Blog Plugins & Widgets). iFramely allows you to embed media from additional sources including Prezi, Issu, Google Drive, Pinterest, Facebook and more. See a full list of iFramely trusted sites.

To avoid filling your blog’s limited storage space, we recommend uploading your own video to a hosting service. Each blog on Blogs at UMass Amherst has 1 Gigabyte of storage, and an upload limit of 20 MB per upload.

Note: Video inserted using a toolbar button (previous to WordPress 4.7 in March, 2017) will still appear normally on blog pages.

Embed Content From a Media Sharing Site with a URL

You can embed video or audio on your blog by simply entering the URL for a webpage on a trusted service, or for an item in your blog's Media Library.

  1. Locate the web page displaying video, audio or media file you'd like to embed, or upload your own media (you will need to open an account on external services).
  2. Copy the URL:
    • To embed media from a site on a trusted domain:
      Click in the location bar of your browser to select the URL, and go to Edit > Copy.
      Note: Do not copy the Embed code provided by many services. You only want the URL for the page. For example:
    • For media uploaded to your blog's Media Library:
      Go to your blogs Media Library and click the thumbnail for the media to embed. In the Attachment Details pop-up that opens, select the URL, then go to Edit > Copy.
      Note: Do not use the Insert Media button in the Editor toolbar to insert video, audio or PDFs; it will only create a text-link and will not embed the media on the page.
  3. On the Add/Edit screen for a post or page on your blog, make a new paragraph (hit Enter/Return on your keyboard) and go to Edit > Paste to insert the URL. WordPress will automatically embed the video and provide a live preview in the visual editor.
    Note: The URL must be in its own paragraph. (Press Return/Edit again if you will add content below the video.)
  4. To preview the page before publishing, click Preview, or to save and publish the page, click Publish or Update.