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Add & Configure the Links Widget (Blogroll)

This article describes how to manage a collection of links (which can be assigned to categories), then add them to a Links widget to display in a sidebar or other widget area on your blog.

As an alternative, you can create a new Menu, then add a Custom Menu Widget to a Widget Area. If you only have a few links to add, we recommend using a Custom Menu Widget: See Add a Custom Menu Widget to your Blog.

About the Links Widget (Blogroll)

The Links widget is a special widget where you can list links to other blogs or websites you wish to share with your audience. By default the widget is named Blogroll, but you can change its title. The URLs for the widget are added from the Links screen (accessed from the Dashboaard Main Menu).

Add & Manage Links

The links that show in a Links widget are managed via the Links screen from the& Dashboard toolbar.

To create new links for the Links widget:

  1. On the Dashboard Main Menu, click Links. The Links screen will open listing the Name, URL, Link Category, and use of any links already added.
  2. Click Add New. The Add New Link screen will open.
  3. Complete the fields on the screen, then click Add Link (at right). 

To edit an existing link that shows in the Links widget:

  1. On the Links screen, click the link’s title. The Edit Link screen will open.
  2. The Edit Link screen is similar to the Add Link screen. Change the settings for your link, then click Update Link (at right).

To remove a link:

  1. On the Links screen, move your mouse over the link title: a row of links will appear below the title.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. WordPress will display a warning.  Click OK to delete the link.

Add & Manage Link Categories

You can create more than one Link Category. When you add a Links widget to a Widget Area, you can show All links, or selected Categories to a widget (see below).

To add a new Link Category:

  1. On the Dashboard Main Menu, click Link, then Link Categories. The Link Categories screen will open.
  2. Under Add New Link Categories (top left) of the Link Categories screen, add a Name and (optional) Description.
  3. Click Add New Link Category. The category will be added to the list at right.

You can also add a Link Category while adding new Link:

  1. On the Dashboard Main Menu, click Links, then Add New.
  2. On the Add New Link screen, add the Name and Web Address for the link, then in the Categories box (below), click Add New.
  3. Type in the new category name and, still in the Categories box, click Add.
  4. In the Save box (at right), click Add Link. A confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen.

To assign an existing Link to a Link Category:

  1. On the Dashboard Main Menu, click Links.
  2. On the Links screen, click the link to assign to a new Link Category.
  3. On the Edit Link screen, under Categories, select the checkbox for the Category(ies) to assign the link to.
  4. Click Update Link (at right).

Add a Links Widget to Your Blog

If the Blogroll does not already appear in your blog, add the Links widget to a sidebar or other Widget Area. You can add multiple Link widgets, with the option to create different menus by Link Category.

  1. On the Dashboard Main Menu, click to Appearance, then Widgets. The Widgets screen opens listing Available Widgets and Widget Areas (these vary according to your blog's Theme).
  2. Locate and click the Links widget. The widget will expand to list available Widget Areas.
  3. Click the Widget Area to add a Links menu to, then click Add Widget. A Link widget will appear at the bottom of the widget area box (at right).
  4.  Click the Links widget in the Widget Area box to expand options.
  5. Select All links or a Category of links (previously set up on the Link Categories screen, see above), and configure other options.
  6. Click Save (at bottom of box). The Links widget will now appear on your site in the widget area it was added to.

For more information on how to add widgets to your blog, see Manage Blog Plugins & Widgets.

Change the Name of Your Links Widget (from Blogroll)

Blogroll is the name given by WordPress to the default Category for your blog's Links widget. You can change the name to something that better fits the design of your blog (e.g., Links of Interests, or Important Resources):

  1. On the Dashboard Main Menu, click Links, then Link Categories. The Link Categories screen will open.
  2. On the Link Categories screen, existing categories are listed at right. Move your cursor over Blogroll, and click Quick Edit. The Quick Edit panel will open.
  3. In the Quick Edit panel name field, enter a new name for your Blogroll.
  4. Click Update Link Category to save your changes.