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Assistive Technologies Center (ATC) F.A.Q.

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Frequently asked questions about the Assistive Technologies Center are answered below.

What is the ATC's mission?

The ATC's goal is to provide integration of assistive technology services to the UMass Amherst community.

Where is the ATC?

The ATC is located on the Lower Level of W.E.B. Du Bois Library.

Who can use the ATC?

The ATC is open to any member of the University community who requires assistive technology support.

What do I need to use the ATC?

Members of the University community who wish to use the ATC must hold an active IT Account. For more information, see IT Accounts.

When can I use the ATC?

The ATC is open during Du Bois Library hours of operation. Assistance and consulting are available by contacting the Assistive Technologies Center at or on our Bookings Calendar

What exactly does the ATC offer?

The ATC offers access to scanning equipment, optical character recognition software, document and screen reading software, voice recognition software, text enlargers, and other assistive technologies. For more information, see the ATC's complete list of hardware and software.

Whom do I contact for ATC help?

Contact the Assistive Technologies Center at 

What if I want to bring my personal assistant with me?

The ATC welcomes all clients and their personal assistants. However, assistants may not use the ATC for personal work. In cases where assistants do use the ATC for personal work, their assistant privileges may be revoked and they may not be allowed to work with their clients in the ATC.

Do I need to provide anything of my own?

Yes, to save your files you must bring your own storage media such as a USB drive, or save your files to networked file storage.

What other policies should I be aware of?

Please see IT Policies for additional information.