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Register Your iClicker Remote in Moodle

Information for Students

In order to receive credit for clicker participation, you will need to associate the unique serial number on the back of your i>clicker2 remote with your name and NetID by logging into Moodle and registering your remote’s serial number in the iClicker block of one of your Moodle courses. The serial number will carry through all Moodle courses.

Important: Registration should be done through Moodle. Do not use the iClicker online database registration through

Registration in Moodle

To register your i>clicker2 remote in Moodle:

  1. Go to the Moodle login page:
  2. Click Log in with NetID.
  3. Enter your NetID and password and click the arrow icon. The Moodle Home page will open.
  4. In the My courses block, select the course for which you would like to register your iClicker remote. The course page will open.
  5. In the iClicker block, click Student Registration. The iClicker Student Registration page will open.
  6. Enter your 8-character serial number in the Your iClicker Remote/GO ID field and click Register (see image below).
    Note: Once you register a clicker in Moodle it will be registered for use in all
     Serial number on the back of the i>clicker remote