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Information Technology

Prepare to Use iClicker

The iClicker audience response system (ARS) uses a handheld remote (clicker) to collect student responses to questions posed by the instructor. Student data is recorded and then displayed on a results graph by software on the instructor’s computer.

iClicker may be used as a simple tool to provide instant, anonymous feedback, or as a tool to promote active learning in the classroom and give students credit for class participation and/or performance.

Before Using iClicker in a Course

Add iClicker requirement to your course in SPIRE 

  1. Click on eCampus FAST Course Materials Request Tool in SPIRE. (Click here for a how-to guide for eCampus FAST.) When prompted, log in with your UMass NetID and Password.
  2. From the Dashboard on the left, select Course Search and choose the course you wish to edit.
  3. Click the  + Add Adoption button. The Add Adoption window will open.
  4. In the ISBN/UPC/Product field, enter: 9781319152956.
  5. Select the + Add Adoption.
  6. Click Save.

Get Your iClicker Instructor Kit

Contact the Instructional Media Lab ( to reserve an iClicker Instructor Kit and to schedule an iClicker introduction session.

Download & Install iClicker Software on Your Computer

  1. Download the specific UMass Amherst iClicker Classic (v.7.13 and later) software here: Unzip and place the software folder in an easy to find location on your laptop. 
  2. Update to the newest version: After installing and opening the UMass Amherst iClicker Classic software, click Help in the top Menu and select "Check for Update" feature to update to the most current version of iClicker. Most iClicker 7 updates are optional, however we recommend that you keep your iClicker current to help your classes run smoothly. 


  • To avoid frustration or in-class delays, we recommend that you go to the classroom you will be teaching in, well in advance, to practice using the iClicker audience response system with that room’s unique configuration.
  • Consider setting up an appointment with the Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development to develop a series of appropriate strategies for your classroom and course content.
  • Have a backup plan in case of technical difficulties.