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Information Technology

2021-2025 Strategic Plan | Initiatives


A selection of projects that achieve our strategic goals.

This page provides an overview of planned and anticipated changes to IT services with a tangible impact on the campus community and is not an exhaustive list of IT initiatives.

September 2021 (page updated monthly)


Winter 2021

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

Fall 2021

Unified Communications: Campus Phone System Upgrade

Planning for a unified communications system continues

Bid process for a new vendor starts

Technical discovery and assessment continue

Bid evaluation underway

Login Experience: Access to IT Services

Google Workspace login upgraded (12/9).

Planning to standardize login experience for IT services continues. Login experience for some IT services including Moodle, Zoom, and HR Direct changes.

Plans for upgrading the login experience for more IT services.

Two-step Login (Multi-Factor Authentication)


Planning to expand the use of two-step login.

VPN requires two-step login. Two-step login to be rolled out to additional campus services.

Instructional Innovation: Support for Flexible Teaching & Learning

Classrooms upgraded for hybrid teaching and learning. Campus technology and resources are available remotely via virtual desktop infrastructure.

Additional classroom upgrades completed.

Computer labs, hybrid classrooms, and other learning spaces successfully in use.

Moodle in the Cloud Upgrade

Plans to host Moodle in the cloud continue (1/1/2021).

Summer & fall 2021 courses hosted in Moodle in the Cloud (3/25/2021 & 4/20/2021).

Summer courses are hosted in Moodle in the Cloud. Support documentation available (4/20/2021).

University courses are successfully using Moodle in the Cloud. Transition for Legacy Moodle continues.

Digital Infrastructure for COVID-19 Testing & Vaccination

Appointment system, tracking, and communications for public COVID-19 vaccinations set up in record time.

COVID-19 contact tracing, testing compliance & registration for commencement rolled out.

Vaccination tracking & other compliance requirements implemented.

Additional features for COVID-19 testing and vaccination underway.

Flagship360 Digital Communications (joint with University Relations)

New digital communications policy drafted. Policy training underway.

Onboarding for Marketing Cloud email marketing ongoing. New student communications, COVID compliance reminders via email and SMS complete.

Onboarding for
Marketing Cloud continues.
Governance established.

Email List Service Upgrade - Mailman Retirement

Transition to Google Groups announced. (2/4/2021)

Upgrade complete. (2/26/2021)


Google Workspace for Education Updates

Transition announced (2/17/2021).

Planning & evaluation for UMass Amherst underway.

Box Secure Online Storage Retirement: Transition to OneDrive

Transition announced (12/8/2021).

Data transfer from Box to OneDrive (4/12/2021 - 7/26/2021).

Transition to OneDrive complete, Box retired (7/26/2021).